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Research, Assessment & Planning

We assist organizations, schools, communities and institutions in building a research study, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting and sharing the findings.  We use several methods to conduct research, and work closely with an organization’s team to develop a  research plan and process.

Community Engineering

We are committed to social justice, equity, inclusion and social change; therefore are part of community development and advocacy efforts related to these issues. We assist organizations to strategically think about these issues, and build human capacity through leadership development training among residents, youth, and families.  

Dissertation Coaching

We know too well the challenges and difficulty to completing a doctoral degree.  We also place a high value on supporting underserved and underrepresented graduate students. We work on a sliding scale to meet a graduate student's need for structure and accountability.


Qualitative Research
Interviews, Focus Groups & Action-Based Research
Program Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation

Strategic Research Planning

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